Fun Day fun

“What’s your favourite animal”?  “Tiger” “Lion” “Rabbit” came the responses fast and without thought!  Poor Jesse, from Animals of Oz, didn’t have any of these great creatures in his entourage.  However, he was a trooper and despite not having these creatures of children’s dreams, he did have an amazing array of wonderful Australian animals that did elicit the appropriate “ohhhh” and “ahhhh” responses, from the children (and parents!!) crowding around!


Jesse was great with the kids and enjoyed showing his friends to all of us.

Once the animals had had enough enthusiastic loving it was time to replant the garden.  Cherie, and all her little helpers, did a wonderful job of ploughing the patch then planting all the baby seedlings of peas, a variety of lettuce, silverbeet, carrots, parsley, rosemary and a number of other delicious plants that will be ready to eat in no time!  Great if you are needing last minute vegetables to add to your dinner on a playgroup day!

There was delicious fruit to eat inside and a table of glittery wonderfulness that was expertly transformed into gorgeous pieces of art by many of the children.

The day was wonderfully organised, by Mel, and thanks to the sun and the enthusiasm of everyone that joined in, it was a great Environment day!

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