About Playgroup

Playgroup is a place where parents can bring their child to socialise & play with other children of similar ages.

Concord Playgroup provides a safe and enriching environment for your child to participate in activities with their peers.

Concord Playgroup in Bundoora is a community playgroup and is run by a volunteer committee comprised of parents and carers who attend the playgroup. Concord Playgroup is a non-profit organisation with the primary focus of creating and maintaining a safe and enjoyable place for our children to play and socialise.

Concord Playgroup Bundoora operates during the school year and run based on the school calendar terms. Ther are three sessions daily, each lasting for two hours. The Playgroup also hold annual events such as an Easter Fun Day and an annual Christmas Party.

Concord Playgroup is situated in a generous-size allotment of land that includes an indoor building and a beautiful outdoor area. The indoor area has a large floor space and plenty of indoor toys to keep the children entertained and stimulated. The outdoor area is large and well maintained, and has plenty of shaded areas to protect your child from the sun’s harsh UV rays. It has an abundance of fun facilities such as a sandpit, swings, cubby house, see-saw and lots of cars and ride-ons. There is a security fence that encompasses the entire outdoor perimeter… so no worrying about children straying outside.

Playgroup benefits children by providing them with opportunities for physical exercise, and by encouraging children to cooperate and communicate with each other. Your child also gets to play with toys and equipment that is not available at their own home. For the parents, playgroup is a great way to meet other parents. You can exchange tips and ideas about child raising, talk about parenting issues, or just chat over a cup of tea or coffee.

Concord Playgroup has a nut-free policy.

You can get more involved with playgroup by joining the committee, or participating in working bees, etc.  This is great for making new friends, and for contributing your time to benefit the children.

Where We Are

Concord Playgroup is located at 9 Cameron Parade, Bundoora VIC 3083.