Concord Playgroup Committee Positions Needed for 2015

Concord Committee Positions needed in 2015

Calling out to all members to fill some vacant Committee roles. Why not join our committee, have a voice in how we run Concord Playgroup and enjoy subsidised fees!

We are seeking a BBQ Co-ordinator to oversee our 2 BBQ Fundraising events this year. By taking on this role, you will be eligible for FREE fees for the year!


The responsibilities include;

  • Confirm the dates with Masters and Bunnings – Masters is on Sunday the 19th of April and Bunnings Saturday the 17th of October.
  • Organise other members to help out on the day (a minimum 2 hours and the Maintenance Levy refund applies)
  • Order and seek donations of bread, sausages, onions, soft-drinks and water
  • Have all things BBQ ready on the day – Concord Playgroup have everything (utensils, napkins, oil, sauce, etc.) but we may need to purchase some things too.
  • Arrange cash float with the Treasurer
  • Organise eskys and food containers
  • Organise slicing of onions, pick up donations/ordered food and purchase ice for the drinks
  • Take Concord Playgroup banner, advertising leaflets and a pricelist along on the day
  • Apply for a permit on
  • Retain all receipts for re-imbursement and complete the reconciliation

You could share this role with another member and only pay half fees for the year!

We are also seeking General Members to join our committee. By taking on this role, you will only pay HALF fees for the year!

We can have up to 4 General Members.

The responsibilities include;

  • Washing the kids dress-ups, art smocks, cushion covers, babies clothes once a term (or when required)
  • Washing any used tea towels weekly
  • Clearing group trays regularly
  • Updating and clearing notice board regularly
  • Making posters to advertise upcoming fun days and events
  • Clearing art rack and box
  • Checking lost property, and clearing box at end of year
  • Making play-dough when required
  • Assists the Events Co-ordinator with Fun Days
  • Attends Committee Meetings (if possible)
  • Attends 1 Working Bee

Please consider the roles and contact Sheridan on 0400 503 493 if you want to help out.
Remember we need to have a full committee to keep our wonderful centre running well.

Thanks in advance
Committee of Management


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