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Concord Playgroup is a volunteer-run community organisation focused on connecting families and engaging children and meaningful and educational play. If you would like to make a donation to help keep the playgroup running, you can do so via PayPal.

We are currently seeking donations for all of the below projects through our website. If you, your family, or any organisation you know of would like to donate as little as $1 or as much as $500, please direct them to this page and our website!

We are seeking donations for the following projects;

  • Synthetic turf! IMG_0346

The synthetic turf is slated to go in the bare areas (where appears a crushed rock base at present) in our current sand playspace. We want it to cover the embankment underneath the trees also to make a usable playscape for kids to sit, play and eat! We are seeking donations for turf and trying to find a supplier to help us at a discounted rate.

  • We are aiming to put tables into the embankment!

These tables have been made from reclaimed wood from our old bench seats and have been done generously by the local Mens Shed – FOR FREE! We just need to place the posts in the embankment and screw the table tops to them!

  • We are wanting to place some walls in the space for a music wall and sensory colour wall!

These walls will be completed as part of our Annual Environment Day event, here on June 7th, where we welcome all families and kids to come and take part in environmental activities around the playgroup.

  • We are wanting to purchase and plant some plants!Photo1924

We are seeking plants which are child friendly and live well in a ‘sand’ environment! We fully expect sand will be transported from the sandpit to other locations – like onto plants!

  • We are seeking a local artist to paint a mural!

This will be painted onto the external shed wall – directly above the sandpit. We hope this will be a design incorporating a focus on children, colour and the environment.

  • We need a permanent sand cover!

Sandpit covers are expensive and our other one was discarded with the sandpit. These do run into the thousands of dollars… so we need to start saving! Our reused broken shade sail will not suit for long.

  • We are seeking support in building an outdoor picnic table for the area once occupied by the overgrown garden bed.

This will provide a place for parents to sit and talk, children to eat snacks and provide a much needed relaxation area for adults in the outdoor space.

  • We are aiming to have an outdoor wooden kitchen built!

We want to provide the kids with as much experiential learning opportunities as possible, and we believe that another purpose-built kitchen would assist with this learning. To be installed outside in the play space, we hope to engage a local community association to assist in this.

  • We are wanting to replace the now destroyed sand toys we once had!sand toys

We once had amazing tunnels, diggers, spades, buckets, cars, trucks and lots more for sand play. Our kids have missed the experience of the sand and the experiential learning they gained from it! We want to make the most of their experiences now!

  • We want to paint a road on the concrete!

We want to make out concrete interactive with a road painted on it using donated outdoor paint.

Is there any way you can help us?

Concord Playgroup accepts cash and equipment donations, so if you don’t have the cash to give, but perhaps have a spare bucket and spade at your place, please contact us regarding the donation of any and all equipment etc.

Any questions, comments, support etc. please email:

Otherwise, please DONATE NOW…