Enrolment and Fees

Here at Concord Playgroup Inc. we always accept new families and welcome enrolments any time of year. To enrol at Concord, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Have pre-school aged child/ children, usually aged 0 to 6 years, and
  • Have a parent/carer available to accompany you to and engage in the session of your choice (we are a parent-run facility, there are no facilitators in any Concord session).

If you would like to join us at Concord, please call/text us on 0457 616 112. Alternately you can email us at: enrolments@concordplaygroup.org.au

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Fee Information
The Committee of Management, at the discretion of the Treasurer, sets down term fees. Fees are paid by the members to cover costs such as rent for the premises, utilities, art & craft supplies, sundries & equipment.

The fee structure is listed below:

Term Fee $70.00 each term /family (or $60.00 per term per family for Concession Card holders)
Playgroup Victoria Fee $40 per year for a family (or $30 per year Concession Card holders). This fee is payable directly to Concord Playgroup as part of your general enrolment and is paid by us to Playgroups Victoria. This fee is for your family insurance and is mandatory.

More information on Playgroup Victoria Membership/Insurance

Membership with Playgroups Victoria is mandatory for all members and is an annual payment of $40 (or $30 for concession card holders). This membership covers all members for things such as injury and public liability whilst playing at Concord Playgroup. Payments for Playgroup Victoria membership should be made directly to Concord Playgroup in your enrolment form (above). If you already have a valid membership with PGV, please simply input this number is our enrolment form and you will not be required to pay this annual fee again.