Can I join anytime?

Yes. Concord accepts new members every day of the year, lots of families join at many different points within the year – you don’t have to wait until a term starts!


Who joins playgroup?

All kinds of people join Concord Playgroup. Here at Concord we have many individuals who have joined and met other mums and kids for the first time in their first session. Parents, grandparents, carers, nannies, everyone is welcome into a Concord group. You don’t have to know anyone! The one thing which draws people to the Concord community, is our kids! And a desire to find fantastic facilities and to connect with others in our community.


Can my whole Mothers Group join Concord Playgroup?

Yes. Concord regularly accepts whole groups at once into their own separate session. We have plenty of space for large groups and the prefect facilities once your mothers group outgrows each-others houses. Contact us to find out what times might be available for your Mothers Group.


I am a grandparent who looks after my grandchild during the week. Can I join?

Absolutely. The Concord community is made up of loads of different members, families, grandparents, nannies, carers, parents and friends. We love having a diverse range of ‘families’ here at Concord. If you want to be linked to a specific group for ‘grandparents’ let us know, otherwise, you are welcome to join any group you like.


What are the term dates?

The Concord Playgroup Inc. remains open during school terms including school holidays:


Term 1: Mon 25 Jan – Fri 16 Apr

Term 2: Mon 19 Apr – Fri 9 Jul

Term 3: Mon 12 Jul – Fri 1 Oct

Term 4: Mon 4 Oct – Fri 17 Dec


What are the Fees to join?

The 2021 Fees for Concord Playgroup are as follows:

Discounts apply for enrolling in more than one term

  • Term 1 only = $40 ($30 concession)
  • Terms 1 and 2 = $70 ($50 concession)
  • Whole year (Terms 1-4) = $140 ($100 concession)


How old are the children that attend Concord Playgroup?

The families who attend Concord Playgroup all have children under the age of 6. Here at Concord, we try hard to ensure you get a session time which suits, as well as a group dynamic which is most suited to your child’s age and stage.


What are the due dates of Fees?

Fees can be paid anytime depending on when you join, however if you wish to enrol and take advantage of a whole term, the fees are due the first day of each term commencement.


Can I attend more than one session per term?

Yes – any member can attend more than one session per term but this will incur an additional term fee of $40 per session, per term.  However, all members are able to use the 3pm to 5pm session for free any day of the week.


Is membership to Playgroup Victoria mandatory?

From 2019, membership with Playgroup Victoria is not mandatory for members of Concord Playgroup. This membership covers things such as personal accident and injury insurance while playing at Concord Playgroup.  For more information please see the Playgroup Victoria website at www.playgroup.org.au

If you do wish to take up Playgroup Victoria membership please register directly through Playgroup Victoria’s website and link your membership to Concord Playgroup using the code 10179.


Where are forms and other important information found?

All forms and important information can be found on the Concord notice board inside our kitchen, inside your session tray and on the Concord Playgroup website – www.concordplaygroup.org.au


Do I have to attend Annual General Meeting?

It is encouraged that all members attend the Annual General Meeting. All members are welcome and are encouraged to attend this meeting as it is an opportunity to contribute to the committee, avail yourself of a confirmed spot for the following year & ensures that all members have equal and fair representation in the general operation of our community playgroup.


Can I be part of the Committee of Management?

Yes – any member of the playgroup can be a part of the Committee of Management. The Committee is made up of parents from Concord Playgroup sessions, just like you. The more help the merrier! So please contact the president anytime throughout the year on president@concordplaygroup.org.au if you wish to join our committee and give Concord a helping hand. You will be informed of vacant positions and have an opportunity to decide where you might be able to contribute.

Generally, all committee positions are vacated at the end of each year and nominations accepted for those positions during Term 4 . Nominations are voted upon and members elected at our AGM in November for the following year.


Who do I contact about general questions?

Please send your email question/ query to president@concordplaygroup.org.au.


How do I join the Mailing List for info from Concord?

All of our correspondence to members regarding fun days, offers, special events and general information is sent primarily via email. Don’t miss out, and join our mailing list located at the bottom of our homepage at: http://www.concordplaygroup.org.au/