Sessions and Times

Sessions currently run Monday through Friday and are two hours in duration. Families are welcome to initially join any session that suits your life. We encourage families to join a session with children of a similar age / stage as your own, however this is your choice. Just let us know what kind of session time / day you are after when you email us on: and we will help you find the best group for you!

Once you have joined a particular session, it is best to stay with that session as then you and your child/ren get to know the other members better.

At present, our sessions are as follows:

Day Available Times Right NOW
Monday 9-11am 11am-1pm 3pm-5pm

Drop in session*



11am-1pm 3pm-5pm

Drop in session*

Wednesday 9-11am FULL 11am-1pm 3pm-5pm

Drop in session*

Thursday 9-11am 11am-1pm

3pm – 5pm

Drop in session*

Friday 9-11am FULL 11am-1pm 3pm-5pm

Drop in session*

*Drop in session means that all members can attend this session. For example, if your usual session is 9am – 11am on a Monday, you can also attend any of the 3pm – 5pm sessions throughout the week.

At present, Concord Playgroup usually caps groups at 12 families per session, thus sessions aren’t over crowded with kids. Depending on the group and session time, the above sessions usually have between 4-24 kids in them.